Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing myself


First of all i want to give you guys some facts about myself: I am female, 22years old- i am skinny and tall, i love food, i love crazy and weird stuff in the most wide way of the meaning of crazy & weird..

I am not an fashion victem but i am an healthy addict to it.
I come from a nice and lovely family, and currently in a relationship with an sometimes idiotic person, but i am sure many of you people will think the same about your other half.

The reason why i want to write this blog is because like every person in life i also sometimes feel like i just want to talk about something, or just let out my deepest secrets and share them with others.

But unfurtunatly even tough i don't care about how strangers judge me, i do care about how the people close to me do so, this is why i decided to write this blog, anonymous...

So now a few lies about myself: my name is Bella, my boyfriends name is Barso, my mothers name is mama and my dad's is daddy, my sisters are named Cita(19) and Coco(15).

Also wanted to let you peepz know that this is the real me, and that i am human, not a robot.


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